The War On Christmas

We are in the midst of one of the great battles of our faith. There is a war on Christmas and it threatens to rob us of the Hope, Peace, Joy, and Love of the Christmas season.

There is only one small catch. This war has nothing to do with presents, Starbucks cups, busyness, or whether or not a store clerk wishes you a Merry Christmas or says “Happy Holidays”. The war on Christmas is contained completely within ourselves.

Over the next four weeks we will explore the very real war on Christmas and how we can, with God’s help, win the war on Christmas.

Join me tomorrow as we begin the fight.

About the Author

Austin Lee

Austin is the creator of the Advent Guys and has always loved pushing himself and others to critically examine their faith and grow in their walk with Christ. When he's not writing about Advent, you can find him traveling the country in his RV with his wife Courtney and their dog Willow and blogging at and Part-Time RVing

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