Merry Christmas – Thank You

Merry Christmas. I am so thankful for all of you for reading my advent series this year. I hope you have been blessed having these readings each day.

Below is a list (with links) of every post by Date and Title if you would like to read one of these today aloud with your family.

November 29 – The First Sunday of Advent – Hope

November 30 – What Does Hope Require?

December 1 – Be Hopeful Even in Your Sadness

December 2 – Hope Against Hope

December 3 – Hope Clears the Darkened Glass

December 4 – The Hope of the Mudville Faithful

December 5 – That Beautiful, Wonderful Hope

December 6 – The Second Sunday of Advent – Peace

December 7 – Walking in Memphis

December 8 – The Abilene Paradox

December 9 – He Came not as a King

December 10 – Whose Who

December 11 – His Footprint Still Here

December 12 – Go Home

December 13 – The Third Sunday of Advent – Joy

December 14 – Bettler Werden Fürstenbrüder

December 15 – It’s Full of Joy

December 16 – Joy to You and Me

December 17 – You’ve Got Company Coming

December 18 – Through the Darkness of the Night

December 19 – He Brought My Mom

December 20 – The Fourth Sunday of Advent – Love

December 21 – Dilegua, o notte! All’alba vincerò!

December 22 – Love Means Never Having to Say You’re Sorry

December 23 – A Festivus for the Rest of Us

December 24 – Because He Does

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Austin Lee

Austin is the creator of the Advent Guys and has always loved pushing himself and others to critically examine their faith and grow in their walk with Christ. When he's not writing about Advent, you can find him exploring the wild places all around the United States with his wife, Courtney, and dog, Willow.

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